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Bathe naked by moonlight.

Cradle your wounded places like precious babies.

shout: im here! im succulent and im loud!

Make more mistakes!

 Marry yourself first, promise to never leave you.

Be delicious.

Be rare, eccentric and original.

Weave your life into a net of love.

Buy yourself gorgeous flowers.

Eat mangoes naked, lick the juice off your arms.

Describe yourself as marvelous.

Tell the truth faster.

 Practice extravagant lounging.

 Discover your own goodness.

Paint your soul.

Celebrate your gorgeous friendships with women.

 Invent your life over if it doesn’t feel juicy.

Smile when you feel like it.

Investigate your dark places with a flashlight.

 You are enough.

 You have enough.

You do enough.