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I Can Do This

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Fun, Inspiration
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Some people listen to themselves, rather than listen to what others say. These people don’t come along very often. But when they do, they remind us that once you set out on a path…even though critics may doubt you…it’s okay to believe. It’s ok to believe that there is no can’t. won’t. or impossible. They remind us that it’s okay to believe that impossible is nothing.

Because I never met a mountain high enough. Because I don’t believe in the word enough. Because I always find my second wind. Because I set my own limits and break ’em. Because nobody pushes me harder than I do. Because I dream big and always make it come true.

So I woke up super pumped this morning and decided today will be the real, true day that I start working out everyday and won’t stop. I’m not going to skip a day. No more excuses. No more half-ass 2 mile runs on the treadmill, 30 minutes before the gym closes. Today is the day I will run and never look back.

I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a sporty but cute racerback running shirt that was probably too much money. Then went to the Apple Store and bought my second Nike+ iPod adapter and then skipped all the way back to the parking lot. (not really..but I was pumped!)

Made it to the gym kinda late 😦 Started out good then realized my heart and mind were in the right place, but the rest of my body was like ‘ummm what are you doing? I’m definitely not ready for this!’ So, basically I have to change my entire diet- no more pizza, definitely no more pop (which is actually going to be easier than it was 2 years ago when I had the same spurt of motivation to run like I’m training for the olympics).

Long story short, it really hit me how much you have to take care of your body. I thought that I’ve been doing at least okay, but not being able to meet the goals I wanted because my body wasn’t in shape for it, really sucked!

So to all the runners out there, beginners, or those who want to but your running shoes that are collecting dust are just a lil too far from the couch, and all those far from and in between…I found some motivation to keep in tune with the goals we wish to accomplish!

P.S. Get the Nike+ iPod adapter! It’s a huge motivation just in itself and easily customizable to the kinds of runs you feel like. Not to mention the is awesome. join.

I joined 10 challenges to compete against thousands of other runners, including men vs. women, favorite MLB baseball team, iPod color and others 🙂

Friend me: rumbleladiesrumble

My current goals:

1. Run 20 times in 3 weeks. (September 14th)

2. Finish 12 miles in 1 week. (August 31st)

3. Burn 4000 calories in 2 weeks

Hopefully I can achieve them all!

Happy running everyone! Do the damn thing!

Song: All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers

Men vs. Women Nike+ Challenge…Woo! Let’s Go Ladies!

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