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First of all, I am a person who thrives on chaos. For some reason I feel much more at peace with myself if things are completely chaotic and falling apart around me. I guess it’s because I feel the need to help whenever and wherever I can, I always try to help or be apart of situations in which I either know nothing and I try to figure out what to do within 30 seconds and then drive in, or I like to give advice and suggestions to others who are in a situation where they don’t know what to do. Now that I say that, that’s probably annoying to a lot of people haha. Sometimes I just feel the need to make my contribution, you know? Even if it’s something really small and insignificant, at least I didn’t stand there and do nothing.

Anyway, so since I love being under pressure, and I thrive on situations in which the outcome is unknown and there’s a possibility I could influence that outcome, I’m all over chaos. If I have a problem, I have to solve it.

So I try to make my days as varied and spontaneous as possible. However, three things I do without fail are:

1. an hour of yoga

2. play music

3. read

I HAVE to do yoga (shakti) everyday. Since I usually have a lot of things going on, combined with the fact that I’m always in my head, working things out and basically talking to myself, haha- yoga is the one thing that allows me to sort of step out of that life for a bit and just be me. Its just me, the sun, the sky, the air, my breath, and my body. Nothing else. That’s what I find amazing and addicting about it.  I always have to make time for yoga because it keeps me balanced and keeps me sane. If it seems like my world is falling apart around me, for some reason I become much more open-minded and able to see the bigger picture.

Music is my everything! I have 5 alarms go off in the morning or else I would probably be in an ongoing comma. Three of those alarms are my ipod, a cd player, and music on my phone. I only wake up to the song I’m in the mood for haha, which is usually by the 4th alarm…or if I hit snooze on all of them and I wake up to the 19th track on the cd, then I have a small seizure and sprint to the shower because I’m 32 years late for work or class! I play music in my room when I’m in the shower, when I’m downstairs, when I’m eating dinner, while I’m watching the news; my family finds it so annoying but I feel some sort of comfort knowing that whenever I come back to my room there’s going to be an awesome song playing 🙂 maybe I’m super strange or have a psychological disorder. This could very well be possible and I don’t know…maybe I’d be chill with it. Music is expression. Music is there when there are no more words. When you can’t figure out what you feel, or what you want to say, there’s always a song that will put things in perspective or give you courage, sadness, happiness, understanding, and just overwhelming feelings that things in your everyday life could not give such an affect.

Reading things everyday is pretty diverse. I am usually reading three books at a time, right now I am reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Bitch in the House: 26 Women Tell the Truth About Sex, Solitude, Work, Motherhood, and Marriage, and Screw Cupid by Samantha Scholfield. I don’t know how I feel about Screw Cupid yet haha it seems like a book I would read if I’d never been on a date before, but it’s entertaining nonetheless! The Bitch in the House fills my need for female empowerment and union and of course Jane Austen is just simply brilliant and I can’t get enough of her. Aside from those I read a couple articles in the newspaper or on news websites, and I’m always reading up on something for class of course 😉

I suppose these three are pretty generic but they’re also the staples in my unpredictable days. Whether I choose to stay in all day and do as minimal activity as possible, or I’ve been on the run for 16 hours straight, I will always have time or make time for these three things. I believe its the small, simple things that count. And I am a firm believer that everyone should take at least an hour a day for themselves- or else we get lost.