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Alright so it’s not exactly tremors coming out of the ground, or flaming serpents, but maybe Hitchcock was onto something…

Today, Arkansas officials were still investigating the deaths of 80,000 to 100,000 fish that washed up dead on their shores. The cause of death is still uncertain, but it was reported that 95% of them were Drum fish; therefore most-likely leading to disease rather than a pollutant.

The mass kill of these fish were found last Thursday. Furthermore, the very next day, thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky about 125 miles away. Results of the pathology and toxicology tests are still being waited on, but current evidence does not suggest pollution contributed to either of the mass kills.

Check out the full story and broadcast:

Up to 100,000 dead fish on Ark. River – U.S. news – Environment –