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Tips for Hair Removal…I was dying laughing!

Tik Tok

Rihanna’s Rude Boy

Is that your breath!?

My push up bra will help me get my man

Kid screaming on the plane…hahaha! her face is priceless

Hydration with education

Yes you did!

I don’t wanna go down!

Rack Em Willie

All the Stupid Ladies…

Scarlet Takes A Tumble

Sassy Gay Friend- Romeo & Juliet

The best Haka!

For the fighter in all of us…

Impossible isn’t a fact, it’s an opinion.

T-Mobile Sing-Along to Piece of My Heart- Pink appears!

13,500 people sing-along to Hey Jude

Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem- she’s so amazing!

Amazing 12 year old Greyson Chance singing Paparazzi in his 6th grade talent show

Greyson on the Ellen Show!!

This is an outrageous video of a dance routine with 7 year old girls dancing to Single Ladies. Their dancing is really talented but the fact that their outfits and dance moves are not at all age appropriate caused extreme controversy. In my opinion, the parents should have known better.

U.S. Combat Marines

U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan did a cover video to Lady Gaga’s Telephone

U.S. Airforce video to Tik Tok

Single Ladies Flash Mob in London. Get it gurlz!

Hilarious new Kia commercial


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