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I think the most interesting part about this is the Parasomnia sleep disorder. Writing bad checks? I wonder how many cases have dealt with these crimes due to parasomnia. Your personality according to different sleeping positions is definitely true!

P.s. I think it would be soo awesome to dream in black and white. Sweet!


If you haven’t heard already…

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Fun

Check out Grace Potter and the Nocturals’ most recent album, self-titled, released June 2010

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Official Kickass Website


Check out The Black Keys’ most recent album, Brothers (Deluxe Version), released May 2010

The Black Keys Official Rockin Website


Check out Adele’s brand new album, 21, released just last week! February 2011

Adeles Official Jazzy Website


Check out Florence and the Machine’s new album, Lungs (Deluxe Edition), also released last week! February 2011

Florence and the Machines Amazing Website


Wednesday Notes – December 15, 2010 | Operation Beautiful.

Congrats Caitlin! and everyone around the world who participate! I’ve been participating for several months now. I keep post-it notes and a sharpie in my purse wherever I go! I encourage everyone to participate. We can all make a difference. Keep it up ladies! We are all beautiful, don’t ever forget it!

The $10,000 prize money will go directly to creating a scholarship fund for Girls on the Run.

“Learn to play the drums. The world needs more girl drummers. The world needs your wild, pounding, dreaming heart.” –Natalie Angier, Women: An Intimate Geography

Following in the loud footsteps of the greats such as:

Bernadette Cooper (Klymaxx)
Cindy Blackman (Lenny Kravitz & many others)
Cora Coleman-Dunham (The After Party & Prince)
Gina Schock (The Go-Go’s)
Karen Carpenter (The Richard Carpenter Trio, Spectrum, The Carpenters)
Maureen Moe Tucker (The Velvet Underground)
Meg White (The White Stripes)
Sandy West (The Runaways)
Samantha Maloney (Hole, Motley Crue)
Sheila “E” Escovedo (Prince, Ringo Starr, The Magic Hour)
Terri Lyne Carrington (The Arsenio Hall Show, VIBE & others)

We need more female drummers! Wild girls all over the world pick up a pair of sticks and get to it! Inspired by Ashley McAllister’s new years resolution to learn how to play the drums, I think I will also add this to my list of things I will accomplish in my life! I would go out and buy a drum set tomorrow but I don’t have the money!

Keep rockin’ out sistas!

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Original Post by:

Ashley McAllister

Bitch Magazine




BitchTapes: Girls Who Drum | music, mixtapes, female drummers | Bitch Magazine.

Bitchtapes Playlist: Courtesy of Bitch Magazine:


1. MNDR – Fade to Black

2. The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World


4. ShellShag – Save Yourself

5. Afrirampo – Miracle Lucky Girls

6. Telepathe – Envoy

7. Purple Rhinestone Eagle – Sleep, Golden Sleep

8. Vivian Girls – Tell the World

9. I.U.D. – Daddy

10. Talk Normal – Warrior

11. Explode Into Colors – Sharpen the Knife

12. ESG – Dance to the Beat of My Moody

these hips are big hips.
they need space to
move around in.
they don’t fit into little
petty places. these hips
are free hips.
they don’t like to be held back.
these hips have never been enslaved,
they go where they want to go
they do what they want to do.
these hips are mighty hips.
these hips are magic hips.
i have known them
to put a spell on a man and
spin him like a top!

**That friendships can be as comfy as old sweatshirts, but love affairs shouldn’t be.

**Why we need our own a) bank account b) credit card c) bathroom d) closet e) all of the above

**How to pack the trunk of the car correctly


**The tone of your girlfriend’s telephone voice when she means: He’s in the room, so I can’t talk about that right now.

**The difference between pants, regular pants, nice pants, good pants, and dressy pants.

**Why it makes perfect sense to wear toe-crushing, arch-defying, exquisitely beautiful pumps.

**What it is exactly about mice…

**That the noise in the cellar in the middle of the night is not the house settling. It is an ax murderer or, at the very least, a large, scary robber.

**Being addicted to women’s magazines.

**That it’s all very well to have a good husband, but if you don’t have a good a) hair colorist b) aerobics instructor c) car mechanic d) baby-sitter e) all of the above; you might as well be dead.

**That he’s not allowed to leave underwear all over the bedroom, but you are because yours is prettier 🙂

**Why you want him to hold the door for you.

**Why you don’t want him to hold the door for you.

**The subtle gradations of friendship: You’d tell that story to her but not to her.

**Why a woman cannot have too many pairs of black slacks.

**How to look as if you’re listening attentively while you’re actually planning your grocery list in your head.

**That listening–really listening–to a woman is the sexiest thing a man can do.

**Why it’s essential to pack your makeup case in your carry-on bag, not in your luggage.

**The importance of excellent diplomatic relations–with the plumber, the dry cleaner, the vet, the mail carrier, the UPS driver, and every other life-support system.

**How to put on lipstick with a mouth full of Novocain.

**The subtle gradations of flirting: A friendly smile across the table at lunch means one thing, but if you lean toward him when you smile at him, that’s something else entirely.

**That the opportunity to wear your new outfit is a reason to go on living.

**The telltale signs of cheapness in a man: saving rubber bands, giving you a gift without gift wrap, bringing bad wine to a dinner party, insisting that the generic brand of everything is just as good, a subtle hesitation when the waiter brings the check, arriving so late at the movies that you’ve already bought the tickets.

**That finding a pair of perfectly fitting jeans approaches having a religious experience.

**That personality is revealed by one’s choice of underwear.

**The difference between a girl and a woman.

**That sometimes the most effective way to cope with the problems of daily life is to take a nap.

**How to drive a man crazy.

**Why a vacuum cleaner is not a good birthday present for a woman. Same goes for a humidifier, a lawn mower, or an electric toothbrush. A powerdrill, on the other hand, might be a breakthrough.

**If he says he doesn’t deserve you, he probably doesn’t. And if he says you’re too good for him, you probably are.

**That there’s something basically wrong when the majority of politicians are male in a country where the majority of people are female.

**That when he says he’ll call you soon, he won’t. But when he says he’ll call you tomorrow at seven-thirty, he will.

**That making a list of the things you have to do is almost as good as doing them.

**Why erotica for women is different from erotica for men.

**That men get too much credit for being monogamous, and women get too little.

**Changing your mind fifteen times in an hour.

**That when you’re out of sorts or depressed, the best quick remedy is to call a friend. (Men would sooner call the dentist.)

**That having many, many, many pairs of shoes does not make you a foot fetishist.

**Buying that perfect t-shirt in five different colors.

**That no matter how gender-neutral you become, you’ll never agree to stop painting your toenails.

**Why you need your own special shampoo even though the hotel provides loads of little bottles of the stuff.

**The unbeatable combination of girlfriends and a kitchen table.

**That men don’t know how to talk about problems until we teach them.

**How endearing it is when a man remembers your favorite color, flower, author, rock band, sandwich, and flavor of ice cream.

**That when you’re out on a date it’s a turn-on to pick up the check. (Hey, sport, that’s one reason men like to do it.)

**That spending $50 on a sweater marked down from $150 means you have an extra $100 in your checking account.

**That men do not speak the same language women speak, even when it sounds like standard English.

**How to handle rejection. Right.

**Why Girls’ Night Out is not on the list of optionals.

**That receiving a bouquet of carnations is worse than receiving no bouquet at all.

**How to apply makeup in the rearview mirror.

**How to function brilliantly in an emergency.

**You need hugs and kisses every day. You may not get them, but you need them.

**That it’s just about the most annoying thing in the world when a man you meet at a party asks, right off the bat, what your husband or boyfriend does–instead of asking what you do.

**That it takes you about one millisecond to detect a woman who doesn’t like other women.

**That running out of coffee, panty hose, mascara, and gas on the same morning is enough to send you back to bed for the rest of the day.

**Why pockets will never replace handbags. (Try carrying Tampax in your pocket.)

**It’s possible to have it all, but not all at once.


Source: 511 Things Only Women Understand by Lorraine Bodger

1. Make out with a random guy who’s completely not your type just because he’s pretty hot.

2. Take a trip alone. (Or go with a friend but spend some time separately.) Exploring exotic terrain on your own gives you a real in-the-moment high.

3. Pack in those plans guys often tend to roll their eyes about: art galleries, plays, poetry readings, etc.

4. Use the money that would’ve gone toward a BF’s birthday present for a deep-tissue massage.

5. Get at least three guys to ask for your number in the same day.

6. Throw a casual weekly cocktail party, each time inviting a different mix of friends, coworkers, and new acquaintances.

Source: Molly Triffin