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Girl’s Night

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Top Chick Flicks:

The Notebook

When Harry Met Sally

You’ve Got Mail

Legally Blonde

A Walk to Remember

Love Actually

Valentines Day

10 Things I Hate About You

27 Dresses

While You Were Sleeping

Kate & Leopold

The Way We Were

Something’s Gotta Give

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Sense & Sensibility

Pride & Prejudice

Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion

Thelma & Louise

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Pretty Woman

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Four Weddings and A Funeral

Little Women

The Philadelphia Story

An Affair to Remember

Dirty Dancing

Say Anything

Steel Magnolias

Fried Green Tomatoes

A League of Their Own

The Joy Luck Club

Sleepless in Seattle

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Notting Hill

Never Been Kissed

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood

Mona Lisa Smile

The Holiday

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (One and Two!)

The Women



Great cocktails to try!

Sweet Red Kiss

1 1/2 oz. Dubonnet Rouge

1/3 oz. Chambord

1/3 oz. Absolut Kurant Splash each of orange, pineapple, and cranberry juices

Combine all ingredients; shake with ice. Strain into glass- sugar the rim for a sweet touch- and garnish with orange pieces.

Source: James Michael Bobby, Kumo Restaurant, West Hollywood, Cosmopolitan Magazine

The Passion Daiquiri

1 oz. rum

2/3 oz. vanilla liqueur

1/2 cup water

1/3 oz. simple syrup

(combine equal parts warm water and sugar)

1 1/2 oz. passion-fruit juice

Place all ingredients in a blender. Add a handful of ice cubes to the mix. Blend until it has a smoothie-like consistency.

Source: Ken Oringer, Clio  Restaurant, Boston, Cosmopolitan Magazine

Very Cherry Martini

1 1/2 parts Martini and Rossi Rosso vermouth (chilled)

1 part cherry juice

4 parts Martini and Rossi Prosecco

Combine the vermouth and cherry juice, along with ice, in a shaker. Shake, and strain into a chilled glass. Top with the Prosecco.

Source: Michael Wurster, Icon at the W New York- The Court, Cosmopolitan Magazine




Variety of mini desserts

If you’re into baking, try this recipe!

Flourless Chocolate Brownies with Hot Chocolate Sauce:

– 8 oz. semisweet chocolate                           – 1 cup of sugar

– 2 sticks of butter                                               – 2 t. vanilla extract

– 3 eggs, beaten                                                    – 1 1/2 cup ground almonds

– 1 cup chopped walnuts

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Melt the chocolate and butter gently over low heat in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Remove pan from heat, add the sugar and vanilla, and let cool. Beat in the eggs and walnuts. Pour into a 9-inch-square baking pan, and bake for 25 minutes (the top will have set, but the mixture will still be gooey).

– 3 oz. dark chocolate                                      – 1/2 cup heavy cream

– 2 t. instant espresso powder dissolved in 2 T of water

– 1 T golden syrup or corn syrup

Break up the chocolate and put in a heavy-based saucepan. Add the other ingredients. Place over a gentle heat, and let everything melt together. Serve in a jug.


Olive Ann Beech


Aircraft Manufacturer

Born in Kansas, Olive Ann Beech grasped finances at such an early age that she had her own bank account by the time she was seven years old. She began managing her family’s checks and bills at age eleven. When Beech got a job at the Travel Air Company, she studied airplane diagrams to school herself on the company’s product and quickly earned a promotion. In 1932, she and her husband opened their own company. Beech Aircraft, with Beech in charge of most of the company’s finances. She helped the company grow from a handful of employees to thousands of workers with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales. When her husband died in 1950, Beech was elected president and chairman of the board, leading the company into further expansion, larger profits, and even space ventures before finally stepping down in 1982. Beech’s numerous accolades- the Wright BrothersMemorial Trophy and inclusion in the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the National Business Hall of Fame-earned her the title of First Lady of Aviation.

Violet Asquith Bonham-Carter


Politician, Orator, Diarist

Precocious and intellectual, Violet Asquith Bonham-Carter was steeped in British political culture from an early age. Her father served as prime minister from 1908-1916, bringing about many progressive social changes while in office, and in 1920 he enlisted his brilliant daughter to help with his campaign for election to Parliment. Her powerful speaking skills, sharp intellect, and pull with women voters led to a resounding victory, opening the door for Bonham-Carter to achieve great things, including the presidencies of both the Women’s Liberal Federation and the Liberal Party itself. She warned against the rise and dangers of German fascism during the harships of the Great Depression, and she forged a lasting friendship with Winston Churchill, who would soon lead Britain through the devastation of World War II. A patron of the arts, Bonham-Carter became a governor of the BBC (in 1941) and of London’s Old Vic Theater. She was later granted entrance to the House of Lords and despite ill health, worked hard to end numerous social injustices, including apartheid in South Africa, until her death in 1969.

Helena Bonham Carter, actress and wife to director Tim Burton, is her grand-daughter.

Hattie Wyatt Caraway (1878-1950)


“Arkansas needs another man in the Senate” read the campaign slogan of Mrs. Hattie Caraway’s opponent for the 1938 senatorial election. The public, however, did not agree, and granted her a second term in the Senate. Caraway had been a devoted housewife and mother with little inclination toward politics before being chosen to fill in for her late husband, Senator Thaddeus H. Caraway, who died abruptly in 1931. She became the first woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate in 1932, refusing to step down as expected to make way for the Arkansas governor’s candidacy that year. Reflected in 1938, she was a quiet but firm advocate for farmers going through the severe hardship brought on by the Great Depression. Caraway was later appointed to the Employees Compensation Appeals Board. As a lifelong, staunch supporter of women in politics, she said: “There is no sound reason why women, if they have the time and ability, shouldn’t sit with men on city councils, in state legislatures, and on Capitol Hill. Particularly if they have ability!”

Source: Women Who Dare, from the Library of Congress

I Can Do This

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Some people listen to themselves, rather than listen to what others say. These people don’t come along very often. But when they do, they remind us that once you set out on a path…even though critics may doubt you…it’s okay to believe. It’s ok to believe that there is no can’t. won’t. or impossible. They remind us that it’s okay to believe that impossible is nothing.

Because I never met a mountain high enough. Because I don’t believe in the word enough. Because I always find my second wind. Because I set my own limits and break ’em. Because nobody pushes me harder than I do. Because I dream big and always make it come true.

So I woke up super pumped this morning and decided today will be the real, true day that I start working out everyday and won’t stop. I’m not going to skip a day. No more excuses. No more half-ass 2 mile runs on the treadmill, 30 minutes before the gym closes. Today is the day I will run and never look back.

I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought a sporty but cute racerback running shirt that was probably too much money. Then went to the Apple Store and bought my second Nike+ iPod adapter and then skipped all the way back to the parking lot. (not really..but I was pumped!)

Made it to the gym kinda late 😦 Started out good then realized my heart and mind were in the right place, but the rest of my body was like ‘ummm what are you doing? I’m definitely not ready for this!’ So, basically I have to change my entire diet- no more pizza, definitely no more pop (which is actually going to be easier than it was 2 years ago when I had the same spurt of motivation to run like I’m training for the olympics).

Long story short, it really hit me how much you have to take care of your body. I thought that I’ve been doing at least okay, but not being able to meet the goals I wanted because my body wasn’t in shape for it, really sucked!

So to all the runners out there, beginners, or those who want to but your running shoes that are collecting dust are just a lil too far from the couch, and all those far from and in between…I found some motivation to keep in tune with the goals we wish to accomplish!

P.S. Get the Nike+ iPod adapter! It’s a huge motivation just in itself and easily customizable to the kinds of runs you feel like. Not to mention the is awesome. join.

I joined 10 challenges to compete against thousands of other runners, including men vs. women, favorite MLB baseball team, iPod color and others 🙂

Friend me: rumbleladiesrumble

My current goals:

1. Run 20 times in 3 weeks. (September 14th)

2. Finish 12 miles in 1 week. (August 31st)

3. Burn 4000 calories in 2 weeks

Hopefully I can achieve them all!

Happy running everyone! Do the damn thing!

Song: All These Things That I’ve Done by The Killers

Men vs. Women Nike+ Challenge…Woo! Let’s Go Ladies!

Need Motivation?

Run Revolution

Become legendary…

I Can Do This

Run Like You’ve Never Run Before

A Little Less Hurt

Military: Long Live Sport

Throw Me A Rope…

Posted: August 22, 2010 in My Neuroticism, Secrets

Throw Me A Rope by KT Tunstall

I want you between me and the feeling I get
When I miss you
But everything here is telling me I should be fine
So why is it so above as below
That I’m missing you every time

I got used to you whispering things to me
Into the evening
We follow the sun and his colors left this world
It seems to me that I’m definitely
Hearing the best that I’ve heard

So throw me a rope
To hold me in place
Show me a clock
For counting my days down
Cause everything’s easier when your beside me
Come back and find me
Cause I feel alone

And whenever you go
It’s like holding my breath under water
I have to admit
That I kinda like it when I do
Oh but I got to be unconditionally
Unafraid of my days without you

So throw me a rope
To hold me in place
Show me a clock
For counting my days down
Cause everything’s easier when your beside me
Come back and find me

Whenever I’m falling
You’re always behind me
Come back and find me
Everything’s easier when you’re beside me
Come back and find me
Cause I feel alone

i miss you…


1. Fall in love; really seize it. The guy probably won’t be The One. But that’s how you learn who you are.

2. Be yourself- especially in a relationship. We still live in a sexist world where women often twist themselves into what they think a man wants, in order to have him. Put yourself before pleasing a guy and you’re more likely to find the guy who’s right.

3. Make a firm plan to move out of your comfort zone. Say I’ll work this entry-level job for two years, and then, no matter what, I’m moving on.

4. Try everything you find interesting, even if its quirky or odd.

5. Dare to ask, What is my purpose here? You might not be able to answer it, but you’ll learn a lot in the process.

…Source: Candace Bushnell

92 Guy Truths…

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Quotes from guys from cities all over America:

  1. “I think about you more than you realize. I just don’t phone or email you every time it happens.”
  2. “I never tell my guy friends details about our sex life. But I make sure they know that I’m getting it regularly, and I’ll lie about how hot it is to show off.”
  3. “Making me ask a man for directions is like my telling you to ask another woman for fashion advice.”
  4. “I love being seduced, so do it more often.  Always being the one to start things sexually puts more pressure on me than you know.”
  5. “If I really do stand a chance with you, never play hard to get. I’m so freaked out by rejection, I’ll assume that you aren’t into me and stop calling.”
  6. “Please don’t ask me to help you pick out what to wear. The brown skirt, the blue skirt, they all look good to me, and I can barely tell the difference.”
  7. “It’s actually not okay to pee in front of me all the time. It’s just a little too familiar, you know?”
  8. “When it comes to your guy’s penis, remember three things: If it’s small, say it’s the perfect fit. If it’s average, say it’s huge. If it’s huge, he’ll already know, but he’ll still love hearing you say it anyway.”
  9. “Until we have The Talk, assume that I’m still working the room and fielding my options.”

10.  “Ask me to do something for you and you’ll remind me that I’m a man. On the other hand, tell me how to do something and you’ll remind me of my mother.”

11. “Anything I do that impresses you dating-wise, I probably learned from a girl I went out with before I met you.”

12.  “You may have heard somewhere that you can tell if a guy is good in bed if he’s a good dancer. Well, it’s not true. Like most men, I’m usually way too self-conscious about my moves to really let loose in front of everyone on the dance floor.”

13.  “I’m sensitive about my body, but I won’t admit it. Point out my belly flab and I’ll shrug it off in front of you, and then privately check it out later.”

14.  “Too many women can’t admit when they’re wrong, so letting me know when I’m right, no matter what the topic is, will score you major points with me.”

15.  “The fastest way to get me to do something in bed that really gets you going is to tell me what it is and ask me if I’m up for the challenge. No matter what the move involves, the chance to please you leaves me completely committed to pulling it off.”

16.  “A $2 t-shirt that just covers your ass is way sexier than 95% of the costly lingerie you think makes me horny.”

17. “Whenever you get up from our table at a restaurant or bar to go to the restroom, I scan the room to see how many other guys check you out. I like knowing that strange men envy me for being with you.”

18.  “Next time you insist on ‘freshening up’ in the bathroom before sex, make it quick. The longer you spend behind that closed door, the more my mind shifts away from doing it with you to wondering what nasty deed you’re doing in there.”

19.  “If you’re playing with me and I’m not getting hard, you’re probably doing it too lightly. Yes, I know that you like to be touched very gently below the belt, but my goods require a lot of pressure.”

20.“When I bring up something sweet I did for a now ex-girl-friend, it’s not always because I’m still stuck on her. In fact, I’m probably doing it to advertise to you that I’m good boyfriend material.”

21.  “You know those things I used to do when we first began dating, like how I listened to you tell stories about your college social life and the way I kept saying how cute your cat was? I stopped because I didn’t like doing them in the first place. The truth is, I just really wanted you to like me.”

22.“If you have to ask me if I enjoy giving you oral sex, then you have your answer: I don’t.”

23.“It’s a good sign if I bust on you. Haven’t you noticed that guys are always insulting their best buddies? We only do that with people we really like. It’s how men express affection.”

24.“You can easily discover what sex styles really fire me up if you can find my porn stash or if you view my recent computer history.”

25.“If I tell you your dress looks nice when I show up for a date, I’m being polite. If I compliment it during the date, I’m covering up because I want an excuse to stare at your body.”

26.“Every dude has at least one chick song on his iPod that he listens to often- like Gwen Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl.’ Yeah, I have that one, I’ll admit. But I’ll deny knowing how it got there if you point it out to me.”

27.  “Sex is way more intense when a woman is bold enough to look into my eyes for a few moments during the act. But stare at me more than that and I’ll be creeped out.”

28.“I know girls burp and fart. But hearing you do it is a zillion times grosser than when I do it in front of you- not fair but true.”

29.“Making me carry your purse in public may be helpful to you, but it makes me feel like I’m wearing a skirt: emasculated. If you ask me to carry it all the time, I’m going to resent it.”

30.“Wanting you to dress up in a cheerleader outfit doesn’t mean I’m a pedophile. I’m just trying to have a kind of sex life I never had when I was in high school.”

31.  “About my wardrobe: I pick out clothes that feel good rather than those that look good. If you want me to dress cool, just find something in fashion that’s comfy and you’ll see it on me all the time.”

32.“It’s not a good idea to read into every word I say when we fight. You’re probably choosing your words more carefully because you have been upset for weeks and have had time to plan your argument. But I’ll be caught off guard. So for me, it’s like trying to pass an oral exam that I never even knew I had to study for.”

33.“It’s exciting when you get so angry that you let the four-letter words fly- so long as they’re not aimed at me. Seeing your aggressive side makes me feel just as connected to you as when I show my sensitive side.”

34.“Close-cropped hair. Cut upper-arm muscles. Stubble on your legs. Some women can get away with these attributes, but most of the time, they remind me of a guy’s body. So if I see them on a girl. I’m completely turned off.”

35.“Ask me how many women I’ve slept with and I’ll give you a low number if I like you and a high one if I’m after a fling.”

36.“All guys masturbate, and most of us have been doing it every day or two since we first learned how to use the thing.”

37.  “I’m totally in favor of you wearing skimpy clothes when we’re out with my pals. Reveal enough to make them want you but not so much that they assume that can easily have you.”

38.“I’m so obsessed with your body that I’m honestly blind to reading your body language in bed. So you have to speak up- especially if my game isn’t all that good.”

39.“I know I’ll never be the bad-boy type, but please don’t refer to me as a nice guy, even though you may mean that sincerely. The term has been used as code for tool or loser  so often that I can’t stand hearing it.”

40.“On the subject of my mom: if you hate her, I’ll think less of you, but if you always agree with her, it also makes me think less of you.”

41.  “Giving me details about your period- that has to stop. It’s about as attractive as my describing my last bowel movement in graphic terms. Please save it for your girlfriends…unless you’re late this month.”

42.“When I propose something kinky in bed, tell me you’ve never done it before. Finding out that I’m not the first leaves me stewing over the guy who was.”

43.“Yeah, I’m inclined to get pissed off when you make me late for an event because you’re taking so freakin’ long to get ready. But if you come out of the bathroom looking fantastic, all is forgiven.”

44.“If I ever walk away from you suddenly without any explanation, here’s why: I had to either let one rip or scratch my balls.”

45.“Want me to watch more chick flicks with you? Then don’t tell all your friends about how I teared up during the last one. Come on, I have a reputation to protect.”

46. “Just because I occasionally look at other women in your presence doesn’t mean I don’t love you or don’t find you hot. It just means there’s someone wearing an outfit more revealing than yours is.”

47.  “Do something naughty between the sheets every so often that you know will shock me. Getting an uncensored glimpse of your inner wild child is the sexiest thing ever.”

48. “I despise the word cuddle. Never use it, please. But I have to admit, I love feeling your arms wrapped around me.”

49.“If you want my attention all the time, then for God’s sake, don’t give me all of yours. Honestly, making yourself a little less available only makes me want to spend more time with you. You’ll see.”

50.“If a friend of yours tells you that she thinks I’m hot, it’s probably best not to mention it to me. Sure, the news will boost my ego, but it’ll also make me imagine having sex with her. And that would make you kind of angry, right?”

51.  “You look sexy when you’re puffy from lying on the pillow all night.”

52.“We don’t understand your addiction to celebrity gossip. Whatever you do, don’t talk about it on a date.”

53.“Guys get a monthly type of PMS too. We get moody and need our space.”

54.“It’s the hottest thing when you say, “Are you going to kiss me now?”

55.“We read and reread your texts and emails.”

56.“It’s annoying when a girl continues to ask, “What’s really on your mind?” Eventually, the answer is going to be “you asking stupid questions is what’s on my mind.”

57.  “A lot of us are insecure about our bodies. Women look like beautiful, soft, gorgeous angels when they’re naked. We look like hairy orgres or little scrawny trolls.”

58.“It’s cool when a girl isn’t weird about food. I love a woman who will eat something slimy.”

59.“Never tell a guy he’s just like your father. It creeps us out.”

60.“Put on a men’s dress shirt and nothing else. We’ll be able to unbutton it no problem, and it shows off your legs in a wonderful way.”

61.  “We think it’s okay for us to have baggage, but yours still freaks us out.”

62.“We don’t understand why you like to draw out little arguments. After five minutes, we’ve mentally moved on to xbox or working out or sex.”

63.“Quiet confidence is incredibly sexy.”

64.“Women marry men hoping to change them, and men marry women hoping they don’t change. It’s unrealistic, but it’s reality.”

65.“When a guy says he doesn’t know why you’re mad at him, deep down, he really does.”

66.“We’re terrified of ending relationships. We’re always hoping the ‘fade-away’ will work for us.”

67.  “Men need a man cave- whether it’s an actual room or just time to decompress mentally.”

68.“We get self-conscious about hair on our back. A guy’s lying if he says he doesn’t manscape.”

69.“We like being the hunter/provider. And the last thing we want is for our girlfriend or wife to ask another hunter/provider for help. It’s an ego thing.”

70.  “If you say to a guy “We need to talk” and he doesn’t run, he’s probably The One for you.”

  1. “Anything bedazzled is bad news.”

72.  “We’re not fans of your hamster-size dog. It’s high maintenance, temperamental, and embarrassing to be seen with. If we wanted that, we would date a high school sophomore or a mime.”

73.  “We don’t enjoy listening to you sing. Why? Because it means watching you voluntarily bomb your one-woman talent show for what feels like a small eternity. Then, adding insult to injury, we have to tell you how great you were.”

74.  “Calling just to ask ‘Whatcha thinking about?’ is never cute.”

75.  “We absolutely care about your opinions and want to know your thoughts, just not when it comes to our clothes, our ‘dumb’ friends, or anything else we’re irrationally attached to.”

76.  “Threatening to revoke sexual privileges is both cruel and unfair and leaves us no equal measure of recourse. Ergo, we would appreciate your abstaining from all such threats.”

  1. “Your dad’s not as nice to us as you think he is.”

78.  “We never, ever want to hear these four words: We. Need. To. Talk.  The instant they leave your mouth, they register in our brain as I’m pregnant, We’re breaking up, or I’ve been kidnapped. In any case, it sends us into a mental tailspin that leaves us miserable until you explain the situation, which invariably ends up being far less damning than fatherhood or kidnapping.”

79.  “Wedding talk isn’t scary; marrying someone we don’t want to spend the rest of our life with is. If we cringe at the ‘E word’ or anything shiny with a circular shape, it’s a good indicator that we’re not thinking long term.”

80.“ We don’t mind cute pet names. However, they must never be used in the public domain, especially within earshot of our friends and coworkers. There is no amount of therapy that will repair that damage our friends will inflict when they find out we respond to Sugar Num-Nums.

81.  “You look hot in our clothes; we don’t look good in yours. Please don’t buy us skinny jeans, capri pants, or shirts that are the color of Easter eggs.”

82.“We don’t want to know about your bathroom business. We have a lovely image of you that does not include toilets. Sharing that info with us is like telling a child Santa isn’t real. Don’t kill the dream.”

83.“We know we suck at dancing. Yet we still groove with you at weddings and clubs. Our attempts at dancing are a form of social self-sacrifice for the sake of appeasing you. Therefore, curb the cutting remarks, and say something nice. After all, we tell you that you have a great voice, don’t we?”

84.“Approaching girls in bars terrifies us. It sort of feels like a no-win situation. Like, we know we’re already paddling upstream because she assumes, ‘Oh, he thinks I’m cute. I win.’ And where does that leave us?”

85.“’Wow, you look so skinny!’ us not a compliment. Having a good body means actually having something there.”

86.“No matter how big we are- and, yes, I’m referring to that area- its best to assume we have a Napoleon complex. We’d love it if you threw in a ‘Damn, that’s huge!’ every now and then.”

87.  “A man becomes a mama’s boy any time he’s sick. And any time he’s really hungry.”

88.“Dirty texts are amazing.”

89.“We’re absolutely scared shitless of your wrath.”

90.“We hate it when you say ‘I don’t know. What do you want to do?’ Guys have to do most of the heavy lifting in terms of inviting and picking the perfect place to go for dinner. Give us a break once in a while and decide what to do on a date. We’re still going to end up driving.”

91.  “A white wife-beater tank top, tight jeans, and a pair of heels drive us nuts. A black bra and you’re asking for trouble.”

92.“When we’re having a guys’ night out, we’re really not doing much of anything at all. We basically just put each other down, then laugh at each other, then put each other down…”

Sources: Guy Truths They’d Tell If They Had the Guts by Robert Buckley; 10 Things Guys Wish You Knew- Jason Mraz; 10 Things Guys Wish You Knew- Mark-Paul Gosselaar; 10 Things Guys Wish You Knew- Chris Pine;